When hiring a process server, they must determine when and where to successfully serve legal papers. They will find people at home, shopping, and at their place of business.

Serving papers to an individual at their place of employment has its own set of practices and procedures.


Size and Type of Business


How one goes about serving papers to a person’s workplace largely depends on the size and type of business. Surprisingly, it is not necessarily easier to serve legal documents at a small business than a large one.

It is best to hire a process server who will stay professional and keep privacy in mind.

When attempting to perform the process of service at a smaller business, the server can ask for the individual who is being served and wait for them to arrive and hand them the papers. For privacy and to increase the odds that the individual accept the papers, the server can simply ask for the person and not immediately identify themselves or why they are there to the receptionist.

When serving papers at a large business with a security desk, your server should let security know they are there to serve legal documents to someone. Security will usually call the area or office of the individual and will notify the requested individual a server is present and why. The person may choose not to accept the papers, which often happens. There is not much that can be done except to attempt to serve the individual at their home.

For workplaces such as hotels or hospitals, the server may want to get in touch with an HR representative or someone in management who will contact the individual and have them meet the server in a discreet onsite location to ensure the proper service of documents.

No matter the type or size of the business, a professional process server should always give papers directly to the person. Leaving the documents with a secretary or other employee does not guarantee that the individual will receive the papers.

Let One Source Process Deliver Your Legal Documents


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