As a representative of a U.S. company doing business in a foreign nation, you may be asked to provide an apostilled Certificate of Incumbency.

A Certificate of Incumbency is a document that names the company’s officers or individual employees that can conduct business in another country on behalf of the U.S. company. This document is often issued by the corporation’s (or LLC’s) president or secretary.

Included in this document is the name of each director and their title or position, whether they were elected or appointed, and term of office. It will also include a signature next to each position. In some cases, the list may also include names of specific shareholders.


Why to Apostille


When doing business overseas, the other company will often want to ensure they are working with your company’s legitimate representative.

An apostille is a widely recognized certificate authenticating the document. Apostilles are recognized by all countries that are members of the Hauge Convention of 1961. If your destination country does not accept or recognize an apostille, you will need to legalize the Incumbency Certificate.

Legalizing the Certificate of Incumbency means you will need to prove the document’s authenticity through the foreign country’s embassy.

The first step is to have each signature of the document notarized. That means that a notary will need to watch the authorized party sign next to their name and title.


We also recommend that you obtain a notarized Certificate of Good Standing

issued by the state where the business’s headquarters is located.


Once that is done, send the Certificate of Incumbency to One Source Process to obtain the apostille.


Why Work with Us


There’s nothing that says you cannot obtain the apostille on your own, but it is much easier to have us work through the governmental red tape for you… I’m sure you have better things to do.

We will work with the state to properly obtain the apostille for your Certificate of Incumbency.

Simply fill out the Order Form here and upload all notarized documents. We will review all papers for FREE and alert you to any discrepancies or missing information. At this time, we will also give you a price quote and schedule of completion.

See, much easier than dealing with governmental red tape.

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