Congratulations, you have landed a new job overseas, and now you need an FBI Background Report. Knowing how to contact the FBI for a background check can be daunting, but read on for a guide and breakdown to the process.

An FBI Criminal Record History Report contains a listing of information retained by the FBI, or often known as a ‘rap sheet.’ These reports include information such as federal employment, military service, naturalization, and arrest history. If you have any arrests on the rap sheet, it usually shows the date, arresting agency, the reason for the arrest, and disposition of the arrest (whether you served time or charges were dropped).

There are 3 ways to apply for an FBI Background Check:

  • Apply directly to the FBI using an electronic system
  • Apply directly to the FBI by sending a hard copy through the U.S. Postal Service
  • Using an FBI approved Channeler

No matter which route you choose, you will need to submit fingerprints and relevant information such as name, any alias, date of birth, current address, and more.


Applying Directly to the FBI


To apply for an FBI background check, you can submit your information either online or by U.S. mail. When applying by mail, you will need to download and fill out the forms, and send in a new standard fingerprint form (FD-258).

If you are electronically submitting your request, you will print the confirmation page and attach that with your fingerprint card.

If you choose not to download the fingerprint card from the FBI site, you can visit a local law enforcement office, and they will fingerprint you and give you the correct card to be submitted.

When you use the internet to submit your application to the FBI for a background check, you will normally receive a response within 3-+5 business days of when they receive your fingerprints; you will also be mailed a hard copy of your rap sheet. If you chose to send your forms via U.S. mail, expect a 14-16 week wait.

The FBI will authenticate the results by placing their seal and a signature of a division official on the results of your background check. If you need the results apostilled, you must then submit the results to the U.S. Department of State. Or you can use an apostille service to find the right department and handle this for you.


Using an FBI Approved Channeler


If you do not want to submit an FBI background check on your own, an approved channeler can submit all needed paperwork.

The steps are as follows:

  • You fill out the online forms with all pertinent information
  • Schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted – bring 2 forms of ID to your appointment
  • The channeler submits all information to the FBI, including the scanned fingerprints
  • Expect 3-5 business days for the FBI to send your report to the channeler
  • Channeler will notify you when the results can be viewed

An FBI approved channeler will help expedite the delivery of your background report.


You Have Done Enough – We Can Apostille This for You


If your destination country is one that requires the documents to be apostilled, One Source Process can take care of this.

Simply fill out our Order Form and upload the PDF or original copy you received from either the FBI or a channeler.  And that’s it. We will contact the right people and department at the US Department of State to apostille your FBI Background Check.

In a short time, your FBI background check will be apostilled, and you will be on your way to a new life. We wish you the best in all your endeavors.

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