Congratulations on obtaining your GED! If you have accepted a job overseas or would like to continue your education in another country, you may be required to apostille your GED.

A GED (General Education Development) is earned after completing a series of tests to show you have a high school level education. You may hear a GED referred to as a High School Equivalency Diploma. It is regarded as a diploma, and most businesses and colleges accept it as such.

Earning a GED is often done by those who were not able to, or didn’t want to, complete or meet all requirements needed for a high school diploma.

Authenticating your GED on your own can be a time-consuming process.


Obtaining an Apostille GED


An Apostille is a uniformly accepted authentication process used by countries that are members of the Hague Convention of 1961. It is a streamlined process that allows for a quicker way to certify the signatures and seals of a document document.

If your destination country is not a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, then your document must be legalized through the Embassy or Consulate.

To obtain a certified copy of your GED, you must contact the school registrar and request the original, or a certified color copy.

Once you have the certified copy, you will want to have it notarized before you request an apostille.

If you have the original GED and want a copy, some states do not allow a to scan and certify a GED or transcriptions – therefore, it is best to have the school or institution certify the document at the time they print it for you.

The next step is to apostille or to legalize the GED document. Since this is a state document rather than a federal one, the apostille can be obtained by contacting the Secretary of State’s office at the issuing state. If you earned your GED in Maine, then you must work with Maine’s Secretary of State’s office and not where you currently reside.

If your destination country is not a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, you have one more step to take. You must then have the GED and the apostille legalized at the Embassy/Consulate.

As you can see, this process can be tricky. At One Source Process, we can handle this for you.


Working with One Source Process


We can take care of the governmental red-tape. At Once Source Process, we specialize in the apostille and legalization process; we have worked with every state and just about every country.

Plus… if you need your documents professionally translated, it can be done at the same time we authenticate your GED.

Our process is simple – just fill out the Order Form here, and upload your original GED or the certified copy.

See, much easier than doing this on your own.

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