You’re traveling to another country and need your documentation apostilled. First, let’s answer a couple of your questions:


What is an Apostille?

What Kind of Apostille Do I Need?

What Else Should I Know?

How Can I Get an Apostille?


Please Contact Us if you have more questions, but hopefully, this will get you started.


What is an Apostille?


An apostille is a certificate that is attached to your document, authenticating the validity of the paperwork. Many, but not all, countries view the apostille as an accepted form of authenticity. Those that do not recognize the apostille as validation require the document to be legalized according to the standards of that country.


What Kind of Apostille Do I Need?


The type of document will determine what entities will apostille it.

State-issued papers must be apostilled by the State in which the original document was provided. If you have a federal document, it will need to be apostilled by the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C.


For Example:

  • Driver’s license – apostilled by issuing state
  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates – apostilled by issuing state
  • FBI background check – apostilled by the federal government
  • Social Security Income Statement – apostilled by the federal government


Again, the type of document will determine which department needs to apostille it. But don’t worry, we can apostille or legalize these and any other papers you need.


What Else Should I Know?


Each country may have slightly different rules of submission, but we will take care of that, here is some information that may be helpful to you.

  • Time – The time to receive an apostille varies depending on if it is a state or federal issued document, if the destination country requires an apostille or legalization, and don’t forget holidays and issues that may close state and federal offices. It’s best to apply for the apostille as soon as possible, but know that some countries require the document and apostille to be issued within a certain period of time.


  • Translation – If you are traveling to a country that speaks a language other than English, you may be required to have the document AND the apostille translated into the new country’s language.


Where can I get an Apostille?


At One Source Process, we can obtain the needed apostille and have the documents translated into the required language. We can do it all for you.

Our process is easy. Simply fill out the correct Form here and upload your documents. That’s it!

We will review all your information for FREE and let you know of any adjustments to be made. At this time, we will also email you a price quote and timeline for the completion of your order.

See, I told you it would be easy.

Once your order is placed, you will be assigned a representative who will work with you on the apostille process. Please Contact Us if you have any questions; we have someone here 7 days a week to help.

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