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26 march 2017, 15:22

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Each American resident of Kentucky, is obliged by state law to take a bath at least once a year. In the us state of Arizona is prohibited by law to hunt for camels which are found there only in zoos. In Victoria to replace the blown bulbs, even in private homes can only licensed electricians. The fine for this violation is about $20. In Victoria after midday on Sunday are forbidden to walk in pink trousers. In Idaho it is forbidden to fish while sitting on a camel. In Indiana it is forbidden to take baths in the period between October and March. Baltimore is not allowed to come to the theatre with lions. In Arizona, under threat of a fine may not be put to sleep ass in the tub. In Chico, California fine of up to $ 500, threatens to everyone who will explode within the city a nuclear device. I wonder who it will charge a fee image In new Orleans you can not tie crocodiles to hydrants. If you decide to vacation in Texas then do not even think to shoot the Buffalo from the second floor of the hotel. In Alabama it is forbidden to drive a car blindfolded. In Minnesota you will go to jail if the police find out that you sleep naked. In Alaska it is forbidden to Wake the bears to photograph them and throw a live moose out of a plane even if you attach him to the parachute and to drink alcohol moose In Eureka, Illinois mustachioed men are forbidden to kiss women. In Galesburg again in Illinois under threat of a fine of $ 1,000 is prohibited to beating rats with a baseball bat. In Alabama, under the threat of the death penalty is forbidden to sprinkle salt railroad tracks. Also in Alabama is a crime to carry ice cream in my pockets to spit in the presence of women wear to Church pasted mustache and appearing on the streets in the mask. If you're in Oklahoma and you decide to tease the dog then just going to jail. Also in Oklahoma it is forbidden to bite off pieces from someone else's hamburger. In Mohave County in Arizona thief caught stealing a soap is required to wash it with soap until it does not end. In Baldwin Rark in California officially forbidden to drive a bike in a swimming pool. In the city of Providence Rhode island in stores on Sundays is forbidden to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same buyer. In the town of Ottumwa Iowa man may not wink at a woman if he is not familiar with it. In Los Angeles there is a decree prohibiting bathe two babies in the same font. In the city of Zion in Illinois, you can go to jail if you give lighted cigars to cats, dogs and other Pets. Carmel in the state of new York, the man faces a fine if he goes out on the street in pants that don't fit the jacket. In St. Louis it is forbidden to sit

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