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A letter of gratitude to the staff translation Wizard from Irada Zeynalova for urgent translation of the story to the news release for ORT. 900 translations of videos for the company Chip & Dip. One of the most difficult projects in the history of the domestic translation industry Five branches in Moscow, hundreds of translators around the world with over 400 major customers in Russia for more than 100 clients in Europe and Asia. Certification of our translations only 500 99 rubles. Translation of small document 799 rubles. A small translation from 10 minutes. Law medicine and other special subjects 350-450 rubles per 1800 characters redetermine and other extra services are already included in the price. The quality of translations. Most respected companies on this list have cooperated with us 5 years or more. It is possible to perform a free test translation of a small fragment of Your text.Save up to 40%. Since 2003, we have positioned ourselves as a company providing high quality language services budget. All our expenditure is optimized. The exception is for the services of interpreters here savings is invalid because it always leads to a decrease in quality. Discount system. All visitors have the opportunity to receive a 15% discount on current promotions. When calculating large orders and working with our regular customers a flexible discount scale.Speed of execution. Small translation can be done in Your presence. In many European languages, our technical capabilities allow us to translate up to 100 pages a day. Notarial copy of the apostille and other related services carried out in the shortest possible time.Usability. Modern electronic system of reception of payments and communications allow you to order pay and get our services without leaving your office. Ready-made solutions. Ready-to-use solution allows You to substantial savings without loss of quality. In those cases where appropriate we always offer them as inexpensive alternatives. The confidentiality of the data. Without the written consent of the client all translated and the personal data cannot be disclosed to third parties. The corresponding item in the mandatory prescribed in the contract with the customer. Dear friends do Not pay for certified translations more than he's worth. Believe certified translation personal document for 2500 rubles, and he's for 799 rubles usually only differ in price. Translation of documents with notarization is carried out in all offices of the company. For 13 years we got a lot of experience in this field. You will get the translation fully meets all the requirements of current legislation + 4 bonus FMS registry offices and other state institutions themselves constantly

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