The U.S. Supreme court

27 march 2017, 03:38

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the Supreme court the Supreme court USA USA 1789 appointed by US President with Senate approval not limited 9 John Roberts 29 Sep 2005 Washington DC The U.S. Supreme court]. Supreme Court of the United States Supreme court of the United States. The court consists of 9 justices, one of whom is the Chairman. The court usually acts as the appeals but in several cases, for example concerning diplomats or claims of one state to another can be a court of first instance. Judges are appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate for life and may early terminate the powers only as a result of voluntary resignation or impeachment for crimes committed. To promote the renewability of the Supreme court without outside pressure, a law was passed on the right to the preservation of salary for Supreme court judges retired at the age of at least 70 years. During the period from 1789 through 2005, the presidents of the United States suggested that 149 candidates for the position of judge of the Supreme court, more than 80% of whom were judges. According to statistics new judge is appointed every 22 months. The Supreme court was founded in 1789 its first decision he made in 1792. The impact of the Supreme court increased dramatically after 1803, when the Supreme court took it upon themselves to assess the conformity of legislative acts with the Constitution of the USA that is actually the right to suspend the laws by declaring them in the case is unconstitutional, null and void from the very beginning of their adoption Marbury V. Madison later in Europe for such functions was created as a separate type of court the constitutional court in the United States absent. At the same time during its existence, the U.S. Congress received the necessary approval of the legislatures of 34 States three times annulled the decisions of the Supreme court by amending the Constitution. In this way in particular was introduced the income tax banned by the Supreme court and established the right of born in the USA, African Americans in the automatic acquisition of U.S. citizenship contrary to the earlier decision of the Supreme court ostanovivchemsa that enslaved African Americans were not citizens, dred Scott against Sandford. Without exception, all members of the Supreme Court of the United States were male Protestants until 1835 when President Andrew Jackson appointed judge of the Catholic Roger Tawney and Tawney became the chief justice of the Supreme court Chief Justice. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson appointed the first judge of the Jewish faith Louis Brandeis. In 1967, Targu Marshall became the first African American appointed to the Supreme Court justices. In 1981, was endorsed by Ronald Reagan nominated the candidacy of the first female judge Sandra Day o'connor. In August 2009, Sonia Sotomayor was elected to the Supreme court of the United States

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