The most ridiculous U.S. laws that you need to know

26 march 2017, 15:21

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Published 04.11.2016 ⋅ Author Inpex ⋅ the Blog Section is Interesting about English Want to know what state the US is officially prohibited to sell the donut holes where you can be fined for taking too gloomy a view Read our article meet the most ridiculous laws in the USA and learn the words in English. I wonder when California's open hunting season on whales It is now clear why the whales shoot apparently arrogant mammals do not give way to poor birds. Lie down or sit down and problem solved. I wonder what was thinking the person who passed such a law So how pray tell to get beloved Labrador to climb his way to the 15th floor And how do you sustain such a marathon It is necessary to tell the person took the law that the people at the store are luring sign Sale not people with musical instruments. It is better to go to shoot the whales is allowed. The Elevator can't ride for proteins not run... Heavy and clumsy life of dogs in California. Unable to walk your pet as many importantly don't let him off the leash. Do you think that the expression the law-abiding killers is oxymoron a combination of incongruous, But in new Jersey think differently. Be a man and leave the spokes go to fish. Very nice law. Just don't forget to put on a smile before entering the state. Smile and wave handle Winged airmail new Jersey works without delay. Well, what do you want to do cats in new Jersey to Look for the dead bird Have you ever met couples who never argue are not Properly met because they all live in new Jersey, the state is free from the frowns and irritation. That is, outside the zoo you can offer a cigarette any dog or cat with bells on the neck. The main thing pigeons don't bother. All you have to smile and not to be annoyed... Supported need to win the honest way. The truth behind the wrestlers hurt them now no one will trust. Perhaps that is why so many YouTube clips on the topic of How to make a fire without matches or a lighter How to light a fire without matches or lighters. Does anyone in Mississippi really tried to do it The Mississippi needs a new hero, man-marking which would violate the law and to protect the car while its owner was away on business. Sorry it is so like me play with the siren in the cab. Beer without soup money All right want to hunt whales welcome to California welcome to California. Seems someone has been reading Mayakovsky, One of the other bagel donut hole this is a democratic Republic. True We have two hands for the adoption of such a law in our country. Okay, we all realized would have to sing home. Interested in

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