The laws of the United States

26 march 2017, 15:21

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United States of America United States of America represent a very complex system. The country is divided into certain areas which can have their own laws some sovereignty is not contrary to the basic laws and the state Constitution. Each State has its own set of laws in tax rates. Some States type of Kansas may, if they wish to secede from the United States. However, no state has the right to pass a law or bill which would have violated the Constitution or decisions of the Congress. Contents The main legislature is the Congress and the Supreme court of the United States. It was within the walls of the Congress to ponder and accept the laws in each state. All new laws which have decided to establish in any state are a tough test for compliance with the Constitution of the United States. For example slavery in the States was abolished in 1865, and its abolition was enshrined in the Constitution, however, if Texas decides to set a slave system or feudalism that this law is not in effect in connection with the contradictions in the Constitution. Also Congress and the U.S. Supreme court set the tax rate for residents of all States. But each state may set different fees for infrastructure development, some of these fees can be voluntary, others are involuntary. However, for all businesses and individuals in the country does not change the bankruptcy law. If you are not lucky enough to go bankrupt then the bankruptcy law is designed to protect your rights. For each state remains the same, the law about freedom of speech freedom of movement freedom of trade, etc. If you look good among the laws and draft laws of the States you may notice the similarity with the laws of Russia and CIS countries. Striking examples are the laws of inviolability of private property and the right to life work to education and other similar laws. However, in the US the execution of all these laws is executed much better than in any country of the CIS. But in America as in any country in the world has its own strange and absurd laws. The legal system sometimes gives certain failures in connection with some factors. On today adopted a huge set of different laws for individual States and the country in particular are striking in their absurdity. Each nation has its cultural idiosyncrasies and oddities. As States were formed by immigrants refugees colonizers criminal so they incorporated different features of all the Nations which participated in building the state. It's not all strange and absurd state laws. If you have decided to go to the USA then be sure to review all the laws of the State where they intend to live. Please pay special attention to

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