The laws of the United States

26 march 2017, 15:21

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Admincheg Muz4in.Net 20.09.2010 1117Тэги Even if it is stupid Ignorance of the law is no excuse. When we go abroad we don't really think about this legal principle, since in our opinion most of the laws are the same everywhere. There it was Even with a wild imagination you can hardly imagine what restrictions await you in almost any country in the world. AMERICA If among the countries where there are stupid laws held a competition the victory with a significant advantage was gained, the United States of America. American dumb laws stupid laws as they are called here, has long become a byword. It reached the point that in the country there are about fifty organizations which fight for the abolition of these laws. In every state and even city in the US be sure to find at least one law that will cause the reader to doubt in mental health of the legislators who took it. The most severe laws in the state of Texas. Here for example is prohibited to take more than three SIPS of beer while standing and shoot the Buffalo from the second floor. Fined 50 and $ 200. If hot Texas day you want to walk down the street barefoot don't forget to first go to the municipality and to obtain a special permit for which you will have to pay 5$ otherwise, any COP will notice you without shoes will fine you$ 40. A few years ago, under pressure from then-Governor George W. Bush is now the President of the United States in the state, a law was passed according to which the offender is obliged to warn the victim of the impending crime no less than 24 hours before it occurs and in a letter to the imminent crime should be described in detail. Failure to comply with this law threatens the future of an additional three years in prison. In Illinois mustachioed men are strictly forbidden to kiss a woman in public. Offenders awaiting a sentence of 20 hours community service. And in new York you still face a fine of $ 25 if you are going to stare at women. American laws are strict, not only to men. In Washington state, a woman sitting on the lap of the man on the train or bus without a pillow between their faces, automatically gets six months in jail. In St. Croix Wisconsin women under pain of three months imprisonment is forbidden to wear red clothes in the town of Tucson Arizona, the fairer sex not to go out in trousers and in Kentucky no one person female can not appear in a swimsuit on the road unless it is accompanied by two police officers or not

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