Ridiculous laws of America, ridiculous American laws

26 march 2017, 15:21

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In the us state of Wisconsin are not allowed to drink and even more to sell beer after 9 PM. According to the Constitution, US presidents take the oath at noon. In Utah it is forbidden to swear in the presence of the deceased. Each American resident of Kentucky, is obliged by state law to take a bath at least once a year. According to the norms of the Ministry of aviation, the height of any building on land shall not exceed 667 meters. The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution States that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech and press. Since the beginning of the presidential term of bill Clinton the number of arrests for the use and distribution of marijuana in the US increased by 56 percent. In Washington not to build buildings higher than the monument of George Washington. According to the laws of Alabama to be used for plowing the cotton fields of elephants is prohibited. In 1911, the U.S. Congress introduced a bill which equated flying on airplanes to attempt suicide and was punishable by imprisonment for up to 5 years. In the us state of Arizona is prohibited by law to hunt for camels which are found there only in zoos. Under the American Declaration of Independence was delivered exactly 56 signatures. In the us state of Michigan is prohibited to sell and drink beer on Sundays. In the us state of Oklahoma it is forbidden to hunt whales. The mayor of Washington is the President of the United States. In the U.S. Congress exactly 100 senators. In Victoria for example, replace the blown bulbs, even in private homes can only licensed electricians. The penalty for this violation is around $20. In the same state after noon on Sunday is forbidden to walk in pink trousers. In Idaho it is forbidden to fish while sitting on a camel. In Indiana it is forbidden to take baths in the period between October and March. Baltimore is not allowed to come to the theatre with lions. In Arizona, under threat of a fine may not be put to sleep ass in the bathroom. In Chico, California fine of up to $ 500, threatens to everyone who will explode within the city a nuclear device. I wonder who it is will charge a fee In new Orleans you can't prikazivati crocodiles to hydrants. If you are in Texas do not even think to shoot the Buffalo from the second floor of the hotel. In Kansas all pedestrians crossing the road at night should wear light reflectors. In Alabama it is forbidden to drive a car blindfolded. In Minnesota, you threatened to go to jail for what you sleep naked. In Alaska it is forbidden to Wake the bears to photograph them and throw a live moose out of a plane. In Eureka, Illinois, men wearing mustaches are forbidden to kiss women. In Galesburg again in Illinois under threat of a fine of $ 1,000 is prohibited to beat the rat with a baseball

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