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Name Phone Email Faily can upload the document table the presentation of a picture or file if you want to pass multiple files up to 10 MB. Message Name Phone Leave a request Passport translation with languages of CIS countries and European languages, with notarization 700 rubles. Translation notarization is necessary to make the translation of legal power in the provision of documents in Also often notarization is required when submitting documents to the Embassies and Consulates of other countries on the territory of the Russian Federation. Notarized translation by a certified translator whose signature is notarized. The cost of translation is included notarization. Due to the presence of professional and experienced staff and an extensive network of thoroughly tested freelance translators each of which specializiruetsya on a small range of topics of translation and owns specialized terminology we can provide quality and accurate translation of materials in almost any subject. Additionally, at Your request, translation into a foreign language can be performed by a native speaker, i.e. the person for whom the target language is native. This option allows for complete stylistic correctness of the translated text and we encourage You to use this service for translation of texts addressed to a wide audience of texts of advertising booklets, web sites, presentations, international press releases and publications. Materials for translation are accepted and translated texts are sent to the client in almost any data format and any way convenient for You. Before sending the translated text to the customer we carry out editing it. A professional editor checks the quality of translation fixes grammar and spelling errors corrects typographical errors. Our highly qualified interpreters quickly and professionally carry out for you Apostille is a special square stamp with the title in French APOSTILLE Convention de la Haye du 5 Octobre 1961 international standardized form of filling in the information on the legality of the document for presentation in the countries recognize this form of legalization. In 1992 Russia joined the Hague Convention of 1961 abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents. On the territory of countries signatories to this Convention along with Russia, it today was joined by 86 States, the apostille is the only and necessary proof of the legal force of a document issued or drawn up abroad. Apostille can be placed on different types

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