Moving to UAE: how quickly to draw up documents? Moving to UAE: how quickly to draw up documents?

19 march 2017, 23:15

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For children and adults 12 Dec Planning to move to the United Arab Emirates should be dealing with legalization of documents. This is a formal procedure by which documents would have to UAE the same legal effect as in the territory of your state. Without authorization, neither the certificate of marriage no diploma nor a birth certificate of a child shall have no legal force. They will be in the Emirates meaningless pieces of paper. Before legalization it is necessary to find out whether all the documents you need to translate and legalize. For example, for a position without specific qualifications you can get and not confirmed officially, the document on education. If all of You decided to move to United Arab Emirates cost and all detailed information on the legalization of the documents You can find at this link. - subject of legalization the certificate of marriage confirmed officially on the birth certificate death certificate certificate of no criminal record power of attorney documents on education a variety of documents on demand. Legalization of documents for moving to UAE consular because this country is not a party to the Hague Convention. 1. First of all to make a technical copy of the document which is certified by a notary. 2. This copy translated in Arabic or in English and the translator's signature notarized. 3. The notary signature and seal is certified by the Ministry of justice. 4. Certified by the seal of the Ministry of justice and signed by the Consular Department of the foreign Ministry. 5. Print Ministry of foreign Affairs and signature of the official must certify in the UAE Consulate in the country of permanent residence. For educational documents for employment diplomas certificates academic certificates special requirements because Your specialization is of great importance for employment. For legalization of the diploma of the institution is issued a certificate confirming the training and issuance of diploma. If you have no free time and opportunity to engage in the legalization procedure by yourself it is better to contact a specialized firm. Experienced experts will go through all the stages of legalization professionally and in a short time. The name definitely Your Email address will not be published Enter your email address

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