Legalization of foreign citizens and subtleties of the legislation

19 march 2017, 23:15

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Quite often legal entities and their representative offices branches require their foreign workers - legalization of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. How in practice is this procedure and what difficulties might arise In this article these and some other questions which may arise in connection with the arrival of foreign persons for work. The relevance of this topic primarily determines the growth of the Russian economy the development of the industry of the construction sector trade and attraction of significant foreign capital in Russian business. In total, it contributes a great need for human resources. It is sad that a skilled workforce on the territory of Russia occupies a small part and that is why many companies turn to the services of foreigners. At this stage, important is the question of legislative regulation of processes associated with the legalization of foreign citizens and the prevention of illegal migration in Russia. Recently adopted a number of normative-legal acts aimed at facilitating procedures for registering foreign workers. Consider the main points of the legalization of such employees and the difficulty that may arise in this situation employers. But such is difficult and this is the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation keeps reminding in their reports. Obtaining permission to hire foreign employees and individual work permits - theory and practice In the new Administrative rules, all items of legislation are aimed at simplifying the procedure for legalization of foreign citizens that is obtaining work permits for foreign persons. It is expected that the design work will be carried out by the type one window this public service will provide the Federal migration service of Russia, Federal migration service of Russia. These are the theoretical assumptions on which further emphasises government policy in respect of foreign experts. Following the letter of the legislative framework is now the employer must not apply to the employment Center and provide a statement of the results the conclusion about expediency of use and to attract foreign employees and immediately to the FMS of Russia or its territorial authority with a written statement regarding the granting of permits for the use and recruitment of foreign employees. Due to this minimized the efforts of the employer regarding the referral to the various bodies of Executive power. Going to make this method more simple and more affordable the main thing holding the issuing of a work permit or not is still unknown but all the preconditions for this

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