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26 march 2017, 15:21

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Legal online magazine serious and not very reviews 5 Funny laws of the United States Some American laws may seem ridiculous but nevertheless they need to know not to accidentally fall under the heading during tours. The United States Congress consists of exactly 100 senators. Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech and press the 1st amendment to the US Constitution. Since the beginning of the presidential term of bill Clinton by 56% increase in the number of arrests for the use and distribution of marijuana in the United States . According to the norms of the Ministry of aviation, the height of any building on the land may not exceed 667 meters. In Washington it is forbidden to build buildings higher than the monument of George Washington. In Alabama In Alaska In Arizona In Arkansas found that wages will not rise for classroom teachers that are too short haircut. In Iowa If you are a fisherman and are in the state of Idaho keep in mind that there is forbidden to fish while sitting on a camel. In Baltimore In Cann Wyoming is forbidden to take a shower on Wednesdays. In Victoria In Norfolk Virginia a woman after sunset should wear a corset and go out only accompanied by men. In Wisconsin In Lewes, the state of Delaware is prohibited to appear on the street in pants that are excessively tight legs and waist. In Illinois In Indiana In California In Kansas In Kentucky In Connecticut In Durango Colorado it is an offence to appearance on the street in clothes inherent in the other semi. In Massachusetts If you sleep naked in Minnesota you can go to jail. In Mississippi In St. Louis, Missouri firefighters not allowed to save naked women and women in a robe or nightgown. In Michigan In Portland Maine shoelaces must be tied when you walk in the street. In Baltimore Maryland, you face a fine of $ 10 if you wear a tank top in the city Park. In Nebraska In new Jersey can arrest anyone who chomps at the restaurant. In New Orleans you can't prikazivati crocodiles to hydrants. In the state of new York In new York the woman is forbidden to be in public Topless if only it wasn't her main occupation. The woman has no right to wear tight clothes on the street. In the city Carrizozo the new Mexico women are forbidden to appear unshaven in public . In Agago In Oklahoma Oregon swimming is allowed only in this swimsuit which covers your body from neck to knees. In Pennsylvania In Rhode Island In Fargo North Dakota can be arrested for wearing a hat while dancing, or even on the way to the ballroom. In Charlotte North Carolina a woman's body should always be covered by at least 16 yards of fabric. In

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