Funny laws of the United States

26 march 2017, 15:21

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How to marry a foreigner Tips articles review sites international Dating Our country has used to change. The change of regime is accompanied by the adoption of a new Constitution and the speed with which is appended to and texting laws may envy the copywriter is a professional. In America things are different. Many legal documents have been preserved from the times of cowboys on horses and Indians with bows. Therefore, today they cause only laughter. But if you're going to get married in America and live in one of the cities in the U.S. we suggest that some of the laws of American life. To know exactly what you one time or another break time. Italicized notes administration 1. Arizona. In the town of globe banned card games in the fresh air with the Indians. In Mesa without a special license you can't smoke near public institutions. In Mohave County thief rubbed a piece of soap stolen until it is complete. So if you're in the supermarket see how a stranger secretly hiding something in his bosom don't raise a cry. Suddenly this soap. And you subsequently have to complete exhaustion lathering outsider a fat man. It is forbidden to deny someone a glass of water. So in order to get drunk before his death, even raising heirs is not necessary. Enough to live in Arizona. A single woman has no right to fish alone. According to local law, a respectable woman does so only on Sundays and only in the presence of a legal spouse. Although who's going to talk with the fishes when the house has a husband It is impossible to cut down cacti. Penalties of up to 25 years in prison. So chasing tequila from the local product will not work Adult people are forbidden to smile at the lack of 2 front teeth and more. It looks like a fight there it unprofitable. After all, if in the process thereof you will knock out more than 1 tooth is smile this is the article. Although where those crazy arizonans here saw the smiling woman with missing front teeth I would even say, ceased not to enjoy life. 2. Iowa. The maximum duration of a kiss is 5 minutes. Probably better to separate the two kiss for 4 minutes. One-armed piano players must perform for free. So choosing a husband from a musical environment to the next, so he definitely had 2 hands. In the town of Ottumwa men are forbidden to wink at strangers. So if some crazy type it decided immediately offer him the choice of a police station or registry office 3. Alabama. A resident of round Jasper has the right to beat his wife with a stick the thickness of your own thumb. It is clear now why Mr right should be fine aristocratic limbs You cannot drive on the roads without shoes and with tied

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