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19 march 2017, 23:16

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YSTEM httpwww.w3.orgTRxhtml1DTDxhtml1-strict.dtdgt Verification by a notary with translation and verification of the translator's signature. Marx 37A On all other types of documents. In order to simplify the process of recognition of foreign documents of 5 October 1961 in the Hague the Netherlands signed a Convention abolishing the requirement of consular legalization for foreign public documents, the so-called Hague Convention. In this case evidenced the authenticity of the signature of the official and print official agencies on the document. Another category - copies of educational documents diplomas, certificates etc. For the legalization of the copy of the document then you must first confirm the signature of a notary in the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Belarus and only then contact the Consular Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. If the document refers to documents not subject to legalization documents directly related to commercial or customs operations a customs Declaration agreement for the supply of goods and provision of services the execution of various works and settlement of account documents on the movement of goods across the border, and so there is, However, an official letter of the state tax service of the Russian Federation of 26 November 1996 And on the contrary documents of official bodies of other States to legalize the territory of the Russian Federation is impossible. First is the documents issued by state bodies such as the certificate of incorporation of the company. Order a birth certificate issued in the United States to be valid throughout the territory of Russia it is necessary to legalize the document and this will need a notarized translation and apostille. Legalization of a document is the Commission of certain formal procedures to give the document legal force on the territory of another state. Otherwise, the error in the design can significantly disrupt Your plans. Most often the inscriptions of the apostille do in two languages: national and English or French languages of the Hague Convention. The identity of the seal of the Ministry of justice and signature of the authorized official in CD, the Russian foreign Ministry. Every country has the right to establish its own characteristics of legalization. This procedure is called legalization of foreign documents Consulate of the Swiss Embassy will legalize the documents from Swaziland for use in Switzerland. The choice of the way of legalization depends on the country for use on the territory of which designed the document and the country where the document is. The Convention applies to public documents which have been executed in the territory of one Contracting state and which have to be submitted in

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