Certificate of good conduct (no criminal record)

16 march 2017, 01:18

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Certificate of good conduct is one of the main documents required for obtaining various documents permission to cross the border to engage in important posts. In particular, its just require for employment including abroad applying for a passport obtaining a permit to carry weapons adoption. The procedure on average takes about a month. Possible cancelling of certificate of no criminal record for which you need to go to a specialized Agency. THE COST OF REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES Upon receipt of the certificate of good conduct in Moscow, its residents or inhabitants of Moscow suburbs it is necessary to apply a package of documents, respectively, in urban information center of the police Department or in the regional information center. In Moscow nonresident citizens, foreigners and persons without citizenship the certificate of good conduct can be requested when you call into the main information-analytical center of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Also the residents of other regions can issue a document at the regional information centers of the Ministry of interior at the place of residence. The treatment of the same. To order a certificate of no criminal record can submit an application to one of the offices IFC or forming an electronic application on the state Services Portal. For help, we need to provide the following documents After the application is given a registration number by which the certificate is issued. Ready certificate or rejection letter get to the point of submission of the application. It is important to understand that when you order certificates of no criminal record although it is a public can be given a waiver. This applies to the following cases In case of refusal to correct mistakes to collect the necessary documents and apply again. If the certificate of no criminal record is needed to obtain a residence permit employment and marriage abroad, then an appropriate statement should apply to the Consulate by appointment. The approximate term is 30 days and the certificate the seal of the consular Department. Also get a certificate through a proxy. More importance and trust the certificate is if it apostilled. Such a document is recognised by member countries of the Hague Convention, no additional verification is required. Upon the filing of certificate of no criminal record abroad with the original must be given its translation notarized and apostilled. If you need to apply for a certificate of no criminal record then you can seek the services of our Agency. We will help to prepare the necessary documents and to fill out an application so that the risk of failure in the issuance of a certificate will be minimized. You have any questions about our

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