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26 march 2017, 15:22

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' doc += ' ' winimg.document.writelndoc winimg.document.close gt If you are planning a trip to USA you will be interested to know something more about this country. American laws often raise a smile. Usually the laws that were adopted many years ago. And it's not hard to understand what then were the preconditions for their adoption. Although it is difficult to understand why in Iowa, a kiss may last no longer than 5 minutes. In the same state but in the city of Ottumwa a man may not wink at a woman if he is not familiar with it. Here you can still understand what were fighting for purity of morals. But the law on that one-armed piano players are required by law to play free and completely perplexing. Surely in this state had so many one-armed pianists Or some one so bored with the city authorities that they decided to discourage him hunting to speak But Arizona also has its funny American laws. In globe you can't play on the streets with the Indians in the cards. Clearly aboriginal people cannot be corrupt. In Glendale Arizona is prohibited to drive backwards. Was it really so many fans of this extravagant driving In the County there are stunning Mohave the law. If someone was caught stealing a soap that was recommended to wash it it with soap until it is complete. In Mesa it is forbidden to smoke within five meters from public institutions. The exception is if you have a special license. But now the law seems to be a Paradise for smokers. In our days there are many laws banning Smoking. In Arizona it is a crime to deny a person's request to give a glass of water. This was considered to be always immoral, even though the law was never written. In the same state, unmarried women are prohibited to fish alone. If a woman is married she can go fishing alone on Sundays. This is especially so on Sunday, her husband could sit at the bar. In Thompson in the same state of men and women over 18 years are not allowed to smile if they have missing more than one front tooth. Clearly dentists, prosthetists participated in the drafting of this law. In the same state serious offence is also considered to cut down a cactus violators of the law face up to 25 years in prison. And this is correct. Nature should be protected. That's how many napridumyvali in Arizona. But Alabama is not going to lag. They and their clever full. In Alabama in the County of Jasper husband has every right to beat his wife with a stick provided that the stick diameter is not greater than the diameter of the thumb husband. Alabama also prohibited to drive a car blindfolded and barefoot. But to drive on the wrong side if you turn on the headlights. Under the threat of death is forbidden to sprinkle salt railroad tracks. In the same state is also considered

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