Apostille on a birth certificate - what it is, what it is, how and where to put it

16 march 2017, 01:13

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Our editors receive many questions on the apostille on the birth certificate . However, not all readers understand what is an apostille and what is its role. Let's be clear apostille is a special stamp stamped on the document giving him legal power in a foreign country. In other words it is a simplified legalization of a document for use in another country. The presence of an apostille, are not on all documents but only on the official ie issued by state and municipal authorities as well as notaries. Most often there is a need to apostilization of documents from the registry office among which the largest number of appeals are evidence of the certificate of birth. In today's article we will explain what is an apostille on the birth certificate where to put it what are the terms and cost of execution services. It should be noted that the apostille are not mandatory in all States but only in those which are included in the list of the countries-participants of the Hague Convention concluded in 1961 as 2016 year 112. Learn whether the apostille in your country of choice you can at any of legal-reference system contains the official text of the Convention. Will try to describe how does the apostille on the birth certificate . It looks like a rubber stamp square shape sealed with the seal of the Agency Signor him. It specifies the country of the issuing officer signed the document and the date and place of its identity. The stamp is usually on the reverse side of the document at least on the front side in the presence of empty space. If the form document is filled on both sides it is stamped on a separate sheet of paper the leaves are sewn together and numbered certified with the signature of the person placing the apostille. The main question asked by readers in the context of this topic where to do the apostille of the birth certificate. The most convenient way of ordering services online via the portal of state Services . The undoubted advantage of this option is to save time spent on waiting for their turn on the service. In addition you can apply at any time because the service works around the clock. Please animaniacs use this method you need to login by entering your phone number and password. If you are working with the portal for the first time will be required. Details about the registration procedure can be found in the article How to register on the public Services to a natural person step by step instructions. From the available list of services, you need to select the one you need and click on to service then fill out the electronic application form

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