Apostille on a birth certificate

16 march 2017, 01:17

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Italiatut Documents in Italy Apostille on the birth certificate While abroad, some documents like birth certificate has no legal force. But once you put a special stamp apostille on the birth certificate as it becomes a valuable document for any country included in the list of the countries-participants of the Hague Convention Italy is no exception. In Italy the birth certificate it took me twice the first time for registration of marriage and a second time to obtain Italian citizenship, and in both cases it had to be apostilled. Apostille on a birth certificate must conform to the model proposed by the Convention. The sample is a seal in the form of a square which is completed by hand and be sure to put a stamp and signature. Apostille is usually affixed to the original document but sometimes on a separate sheet which are bonded with the original document. Apostille on a birth certificate stamped in the country where the document was issued. The apostille usually do personally, but if you have no opportunity to go home, you can apply at the Consulate of your country in Italy a power of attorney to another person. Cost and place of issuance of the apostille is different in different countries. So below I will describe the detailed process of how to put the apostille on the birth certificate in the three countries Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The original birth certificate apostille is stamped in the registry office at the place of issue of document if you need to put an apostille on a notarized copy of the birth certificate you must apply to the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation. When submitting a document for apostille, you will be given details for payment of 1500 Russian rubles state duty, you must pay immediately. The deadline for issuance of the birth certificate stamped with an apostille should not exceed 3 working days from the date of filing. Next you need to obtain the apostille. Apostille in Ukraine is also in the registry office. The cost of 51 hryvnia. For feeding you will need a birth certificate and passport. The procedure of registration of the following you are requesting an apostille you give details for payment, bring the paid receipt and a couple of days take a birth certificate with an apostille. But this procedure is suitable only to owners of a birth certificate issued in Ukraine. If your testimony sample SSS then you need to replace it as the laws of the apostille is affixed only to documents issued in Ukraine. If there were a way to change the document that the apostille may be affixed to the notarized copies of the certificate of the old model but be sure to ask if such

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