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What is an Apostille Is a special stamp that usually appears on the official document. If the document has a non-commercial nature, coming from organizations and institutions of the countries participating in the Hague Convention. It was the fact that polnotu abolished the requirements of legalization for foreign public documents. So if you need to legalize your documents the apostille is great for this method. To get it you can contact a specialized company that provides professional services in this area. So it certifies the following important information as Accordingly, in the future, such a document would not require legalization of official authorities of the country which enter into the composition of the Convention. There are several types of such assurances As for the Apostille to the Russian Federation in most cases it has the form of a stamp of the document. As stated in the terms of the Convention, he should be placed on the document itself or on a separate sheet which is attached to the document. Although her own terms and does not specify the form of a stamp but if its shape will be different from the shape of the selected a state, then, can be considered its rejection. If you don't want to have problems with the apostille then it is best to contact spetsializirovany a company that knows all the details of this important

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