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Saint Petersburg Chernyshevskogo 18 Daily from 9.00 to 21.00 812 452 52 52 Documents issued and having legal force in the territory of one state can be used in the territory of another only after their legalization unless otherwise provided by legislation or regulations international treaties. There are two ways of consular legalization by apostille. The form of apostille legalisation of documents giving them legal force for operations on the territory of other States is a special stamp which is recognized by official institutions of the countries participating in the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. According to the Convention, apostille is affixed on a separate sheet attached to the document or on the document itself. The apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature and authority of person signing the document and, in some cases, the authenticity of the seal or stamp on the document. Factory Documents provides services of apostille on the following documents Notarized copy of a document can be done in the Factory Documents. Document translation and notarization of the translator's signature can be ordered on the Factory Documents. 1 - deadline - 3 working, 2 - deadline: 5 working days For apostille, you must provide either original documents required to be legalized or notarized copies. Notarized copies of documents for the apostille must be certified in a special way under the apostille. More detailed information may be obtained by phone 812 452-52-52. The procedure of legalization of documents for use on the territory of another state is quite complex and expensive. In order to simplify this process in 1961 in the Hague the Netherlands signed a Convention abolishing the requirement of consular of legalisation for foreign public documents. The Russian Federation as the legal successor of the USSR is a party to the Convention since 31 may 1992. In this regard, the documents issued in Russia and is intended for submission to the official authorities of the countries participating in the Hague Convention shall be certified in special simplified procedure the competent authorities of Russia put a special stamp apostille which does not require further certification or legalization and is recognized by the institutions of all member countries of the Convention. List of countries participating in the Hague Convention In connection with a simplified workflow, the following countries are required to take Russian documents translation and notarization without legalization and apostille. Documents issued in these countries on the territory of the Russian Federation are used the same requirements as for

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