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26 march 2017, 15:22

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Sunday 26.03.2017 03.21 Welcome Unregistered | RSS In Chico, California fine of up to $ 500, threatens to everyone who will explode within the city a nuclear device. I wonder who this penalty will charge No gubernamental Arnie. In Montana, it is illegal to have sex in any position except missionary. In the same state woman faces jail if she open her husband's mail. In Alabama, under the threat of the death penalty is forbidden to sprinkle salt railroad tracks. In the same state is a crime to carry ice cream in my pockets to spit in the presence of women wear to Church pasted mustache and appearing on the streets in the mask. In the town of Ottumwa Iowa man may not wink at a woman if he is not familiar with it. In the city of Providence Rhode island in stores on Sundays is forbidden to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same buyer. In Anniston, Alabama is forbidden to come in jeans on main street. In Mesa Arizona it is forbidden to smoke within five meters from public institutions. The exception is if you have a special license. In Kansas all pedestrians crossing the road at night should wear light reflectors. In Minnesota, you threatened to go to jail for what you sleep naked. In Eureka, Illinois, men wearing mustaches are forbidden to kiss women. In Indiana it is forbidden to take baths in the period between October and March. In Los Angeles there is a decree prohibiting bathe two babies in the same font. Carmel in the state of new York, the man faces a fine if he goes out on the street in pants that don't fit the jacket. In St. Louis it is forbidden to sit on the pavement and drink beer from a bucket. In Hartford Connecticut is forbidden to cross the road on their hands. In Baltimore prohibits throwing stacks of hay from the second floor. Karrizoz new-Mesico women are forbidden to appear in public unshaven. In Pennsylvania are not allowed to in the house together, there were more than 16 women legislators 17 women it is a brothel. The law however will allow to live together 120 men. In Michigan, a woman cannot cut their hair without her husband's consent. In Kentucky women are forbidden to walk on the highway in a bathing suit. Exception - if it is accompanied by at least two police officers or unless she is armed with a stick. In Nebraska, you face arrest if your child starts to hiccup during the service in the Church. In Baldwin Park in California officially forbidden to drive a bike in a swimming pool. In the city of Jasper in Alabama the husband can not bash his wife with a stick the diameter of which is greater than the thickness of his thumb on her hand. In mobile in the same state, drivers are forbidden to women passing by honking. Women

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