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The Agency Tula Armory building 76, office 304. Tel. 8 4872 345 - 15 - 67 The so-called consular legalization is one of the ways of legalization of documents in foreign economic activities. This method is similar to an apostille but is used in the document with the companies who originate from countries which did not participate in the Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization of official documentation. Consular legalization of a complex bilateral procedure is much more complex in comparison with the apostille. Of course the consular legalization of documents is a complex procedure. She needed to confirm that send abroad the document complies with all the laws of the state which issued was a document. Legalization is accompanied by the gradual certification of the signature of the official and seal of the organization which employs the officer, given the structure of the administrative apparatus. Thus each document to be legalized must be certified by a notary certified signature of the notary certified by the seal of the Ministry of justice and signature of the authorized official and certified by the Consulate of the country which adopts the document. Not all organizations require a signaling of document. It is required only if the organization is interested in the legalization of a document is the type of documents which require proper legalization. Consular legalization of documents is quite a complex procedure execution of which is entrusted only to authorized persons. Storage of petroleum products at filling stations and tank farms processing plants are used special tanks. The modern market offers abundant high-quality building materials. The company Logistik Grupp, OOO HUNDRED Balancer - largest company by the number of trucks in Ukraine English is the international indicator of the quality of your training a huge number of new capabilities and realization of your skills all over the world. The feasibility of using toilets in places remote from the sewer nodes, however. Guarantee of safety a key indicator of successful work in any beauty salon. The emergence of SIP took a lot of the problems of using existing overhead lines in the period of monopoly uninsulated wires. To influence the course of time. Electricity has long been firmly established in our lives and homes not equipped with electricity already almost gone. What to do in the country what kind of entertainment will arise a strong interest Now 13 guests and no members

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M. Airport (near subway) tel: (8-925) 509-35-42 str building 5 building 1 (left behind the shopping centre at the exit of the subway) M. Schukinskaya (near subway) tel: (8-925) 509-35-17, Marshal Vasilevsky St., building 17, and on Saturday till 15.00

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