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Translation agency "Lingvo Service"

"Lingvo Service" is one of the largest networks of translation bureaus in the city of New York. Even if you contact us for the first time, you probably already heard about us from your friends and acquaintances. Our translations are of high quality and short deadlines.
Translation Bureau "Lingvo Service" is a modern dynamically developing company. Qualified personnel and a large base of freelance translators allow us to perform qualitatively and in time any translations into most languages ​​of the world. An advantageous combination of price and quality is highly appreciated by our regular customers.

An impeccable reputation is our main asset. We are working hard to exceed customer expectations. Order translation now through our online form! The company's offices are located in Moscow, Shchelkovo and Reutov, Troitsk, but our regular customers are in many other cities.

An experience

The company was founded on April 27, 2007.
More than five years on the market
18 offices and 5 branches of our partners
More than 100 corporate clients
More than 350 freelance translators
For Clients

Priority service of legal entities
Translation of documents of any complexity
We organize simultaneous interpreting
Notarized translation of documents
Flexible discounts
Apostillation and nostrification (what is apostille?)

Qualified and friendly staff
The motto is "Qualitatively. On time."
Translation of texts and documents

Translation Bureau is a place where the text of any complexity will be translated quickly and professionally. In this case, the client can count on high quality and speed of work execution. All our staff and freelancers have sufficient level of skills and experience.

Translation bureau offers a whole range of services and a lot of advantages. Among the most important of them are:

Work with multiple languages. The translation agency offers not only the services of specialists working with the most common languages, such as German or English, we work with virtually all languages ​​of the world. Whether it's a hieroglyphic text, Arabic script or the languages ​​of the Nordic countries, we will gladly place an order for work.
Individual approach to each client. In our work we pay special attention to the wishes of customers when translating documents. We try to meet you and take into account all the peculiarities of translation and registration of your document. Our task is to provide you with a correct translation without any spelling, punctuation or stylistic errors.
Efficiency of the task. A professional translation agency fulfills orders as quickly as possible. In order to avoid any delays, you need at the first office visit to have all the documents or the full text with which you will work. After payment, our employees immediately take up the execution of the order.
Attractive price. To date, the best translation agencies offer their services at favorable prices. The value is the volume of the text, the language to which or from which the translation is required, the terms of implementation. So, the translation of the passport and notarization will cost you only 900r. Most of our offices are located directly in notary offices, which gives our clients the opportunity to remove a notarized copy from the document or transfer it from the document or transfer it to a competent lawyer, if necessary.
How to use the translation service?

First you need to find the nearest translation agency on the map and choose the right day to visit. As it was said above, you need to have all the documents you need to work with specialists with you. Our translation agency in Moscow offers the services of true professionals, so you will most likely be able to get the translation of standard documents on the same day (depending on the office load).

Many people ask themselves: why should one contact the translation agency to assure even the simplest documents that private traders also offer? The fact is that the agency of professional translations cooperates with notaries who confirm the authenticity of the signature of the translator responsible for the correctness of the translation. So do not waste your time, it's better to immediately turn to professionals.

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